"My gut tells me that if you do something value, you should show it to the world."

Writing the book "Chess Master's Strategy" completely changed my understanding of the world, which also dramatically changed my life. According to the principles that I decided to follow in my life, this website was created.

45 years experience

The site is intended to convey my knowledge based on more than 45 years of experience.

The biggest advantage of these texts, in my opinion, is that they describe sometimes complex issues in simple terms.

Let's get to know each other better

In my work I use examples from my parties, which makes the texts original and authentic. In the near future I will finish work on the book “Chess Master’s Strategy in endings”.


I won the title of international champion in 1991.
I achieved the highest ranking in my career on January 1, 1996, with a score of 2470 points I was then ranked 9th among Polish chess players.

Author of books

I share my experience from both my competitive and coaching career by writing books. I am the author of “Chess Master’s Strategy” and co-author of “Chess Strategy Explained”.

Chess coach

I coached the national team of blind and visually impaired chess players (2016-17). I have raised several Polish Championship medalists.

Chess referee

I have been an International Arbiter (IA) judge since 2005. I have refereed more than 40 tournaments of Polish Championship rank and more than 40 international tournaments.

In addition, I was

Chess activist and journalist.
I played by correspondence, competed in task-solving contests, conducted training on the Internet.

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“How do I look at chess to avoid substituting figures?”

My books

To pass on my knowledge and experience, I wrote the book “Chess Master’s Strategy” in 2019. In 2020, its expanded version was published, written together with grandmaster Bartlomiej Macieja, and the English version Chess Strategy Explained”.


Chess Master's Strategy

The book describes the basic strategic elements and how to arrive at the right move by using these elements. It is written in a way that is simple and understandable to anyone with a basic knowledge of chess.


Chess Strategy Explained

This is a manual for learning strategy, which discusses several elements that will allow readers to better understand the purpose of the game based on specific examples from the practice of Grandmaster Bartholomew Maciei and International Master Witalis Sapis (“Chess Master’s Strategy”). “Chess Strategy Explained” is an expanded version of the book “Chess Master’s Strategy”.



“Master Strategy” is a very interesting book position for players of different playing strengths. Both simple and very complicated positions are explained in detail, making it possible for any chess player to learn a lot for himself. Understanding the basic principles of strategy is not a simple task, but it is through practical examples that it becomes manageable. The book by International Master Vitalis Sapis is written in accessible language and is easy to read. It is ideal for finding a few items to study both at chess classes in the club and during a break at work or while traveling.

I heartily recommend it!

Łukasz Turlej

Secretary General of the FIDE Chess Federation